Monday, August 20, 2012

The end, my friend

Pippin did not make it.  He was put down yesterday, because he began to seriously fail.  It was not pretty and I couldn't take it anymore.  He obviously was in pain and was having a very difficult time.  It seemed like the best thing for him.  For me, it's been hard.  I feel like I have failed him in some way.  I miss him, and I've cried so much that I've had a perpetual headache.

Poor little man.  I hope that he's in a better place. And here's to Pip. Thiever of green olives, lover of fried chicken (tho he never really got any), kneader, talker, dog lover and throw rug.  You were a great (though not very bright) cat and we loved having you here while we were allowed to keep you. You are more than missed.

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