Thursday, April 20, 2017

A Fresh Start

I overhauled the blog.  Sort of.  I deleted all the old stuff, except for two posts I couldn't bring myself to part with.

Going forward................

I had my first Prevent T2 (diabetes) meeting on Tuesday.  I have a plan, and I need to stick to it.  We will have weekly weigh ins for 16 weeks, then bi-weekly...then monthly through next Spring.  One on one nutrition coaching come with it, and it's a small class of 15 people.  All provided for free, through my work place. It's good timing, as I am trying to up my activity levels and get a handle on eating better.  I turned 51 yesterday - it's only going to get harder. My goal for the 16 weeks is to lose 6% of my weight, and that comes to 14 pounds. 

On the docket for tonight:
  • Grocery list making
  • meal planning
  • dish washing
  • vacuum running
  • laundry doing
    • steaming and hanging
  • dog walking
  • grocery shopping
I'm ambitious. The husband will be putting his bicycle back together, since he got the parts he was waiting on.  Once I have my grocery list and haul complete, I will post it along with my meal plan.  I have to start tracking tomorrow morning (actually, our leader said not to worry about it this week, but I need to get on it), so I am hoping to use this as a way to post about my meals, review recipes, and keep track of resources.

I know, I know.  But like Rocky and Bullwinkle always say, this time, for sure.

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