Monday, May 15, 2017


So.............yeah.  Almost a month.  I suck.

I started a diabetes prevention class.  I'm trying to fit in as much activity as I can.  I'm failing miserably at everything else.

Yesterday was Mother's Day.  I got a lovely hanging basket from my 17 year old boy, and a little pack of portulaca, which I love.  He also got me a Funko pop Dumbledore for my work desk.  It's kinda cute.

On Saturday, we went for a 9 mile bike ride. I'm a little concerned about the Fort4Fitness ride next Saturday, the 20th.  It's my first real ride of the year, and it's more mileage (16 miles) than I've done yet, thanks to our weather. I really need to take advantage of our gym membership, and use the freaking stationary bikes. geesh.

We went to visit the mother-in-law yesterday - her birthday is the 17th, so we dropped off a HUGE petunia basket for their porch, and gave her the birthday gift:  a Fitbit Charge 2.  She loved it, and we helped set it up for her.  Got home late, and I ordered El Azteca. By the time we ate dinner, it was 9pm.  We went to bed around 10:15 or so....and I was backup with horrible acid reflux at 2am.  Three big spoonfuls of pepto and back to bed.  Back up at 3am.  Sat around and played a game on my tablet for about an hour, hoping it would go away.  It decreased enough to sleep - but I'm beat today.  That should make this evening loads of fun.

Saturday, while we were out, I kind of wished we were at the park on the trails.  Mountain biking is something I am not very good at....but I'm hoping to see progress through the summer.  Hubs really wants me to I ride. We're supposed to ride tonight.  I still feel mildly sick.  I have to cut out the junk and the flour and the corn.  I should know better. I do know better. Who am I kidding?

I'll just load myself with coffee and Spark, have my lunch and hope for the best.  Worst case scenario - I puke on the trail. How humiliating can that be? 

Don't answer that.

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